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Remote Video Depositions Demonstration

View the demonstration here.

Hosted by IST's National Director of Legal Solutions.

Craig Saunders is the National Director of Legal Solutions Sales for IST Management Services. He is responsible for working with our sales team members in each region of the country and assist them with cultivating new relationships and driving new business. Craig brings over 20 years of legal services experience, which includes consulting Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments in litigation document management, E-Discovery and their court reporting needs.

Craig Saunders

National Director of Legal Solutions, Sales

IST Management Services, Inc.

With guest Livelitigation Expert.

Jason Richmond is the President of Livelitigation, the premier Virtual Deposition software, providing the industry’s best Video, Transcript & Exhibits management/delivery solution on the web for the Legal industry.  Jason helped build this tool with litigators FOR litigators and now this product is endorsed by the National Court Reporters Association.

Jason Richmond