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Records and Information Management Features:

7 Steps to Ensure Scan-to-Shred Success

Are You Experiencing Paper Challenges?

Paper Challenges

  • Expensive real estate designated for paper records storage
  • Space management
  • Escalating storage costs
  • Liability / risk holding unnecessary documents
  • Search and retrieval is inefficient
  • Security and confidentiality

IST Solutions

  • Transition from paper to electronic footprint
  • 7-Steps  . . . Scan-to-Shred Strategy
    •  Go-Forward
    •  Legacy Back-File Records

IST Benefits and Value

  • Easy mobile search-and-retrieve
  • Secure controlled access
  • PHI, PII protected
  • Chain of custody audit
  • Digital images applied to retention guidelines
  • Reduced off-site storage costs

Developing and implementing a Scan-to-Shred initiative will assist the firm’s employees in transitioning from paper to electronic records management. Whether a back-file conversion or a go-forward strategy, the ultimate value of scan-to-shred is reduced risk and reduced cost.

  • Workflow provides routine inbound document scanning
  • Indexing classifies documents for easy and efficient search and retrieval
  • Immediate access to documents
  • Back File converts paper documents into secure images
  • QC audit procedures ensure image integrity
  • Storage ensures secure accessibility for required retention period

IST Scan-to-Shred Methodology

document assessment and preparation

  • Purge ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial)
  • Identify Excecptions
  • Apply Retention Guidelines
  • Take Security Precautions
  • Prep for Scanning (Remove clips, staples, etc.)


  • Scan/capture all data including text, numbers, notes, etc.

quality control

  • Verify page count with original source
  • Verify integrity of images
  • Verify data, images, margin notes, etc. are captured clearly


  • Inventory documents using guideline for document and category type
  • Ensure all fields are indexed completely and accurately

store image

  • Save image to appropriate directory or file folder

scanned document hold

  • Hold original scanned documents for prescribed number of days (not less than 30 days)
  • Ensure original documents are secured during hold period
  • Rebuild only documents requiring long-term preservation


  • Shred all original source documents from Scanned Document Hold