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Mail Services

 IST-Suite Technology Functions:

Mail Service Functions

Package Track

All incoming packages are logged into the IST Package Track software. An internal package ID and label is produced and adhered to the package. IST then scans the package to capture a signature on the PDA. The delivery information is then uploaded in the IST Suite system.

Voice Recognition for Mail Sort

IST’s proprietary voice-rec software combines with high-quality headsets and large screen monitors to cut mail sorting time by 50% and consistently achieve accuracy ratings above 99%.

Certified Mail

IST can capture all relevant information about a piece of certified mail with our proprietary Mail Sort/Package Track software. Digitally recording barrel stamped documents as well as return receipts results in increased accountability in IST Mail/Business Centers.

Mail / Copy Stop Barcoding

IST barcodes each mail/copy drop/pickup location and implements a set schedule for mail/copy runs. This requires our associates to scan each mail/copy/pickup location at the same time every day – no excuses.

  • Barcode scanners eliminate the need for paper mail run logs.
  • Real-time reports show when pickups have been made.
  • Exception reports are automatically emailed to managers if a run is missed.

Unlike our competition, who use several 3rd party software systems to support their various service offerings, IST has created its own all-inclusive software system, IST-Suite, with our robust end-user database at the center.  The end-user database communicates with all service modules of IST-Suite, no matter the combination of services IST is performing.  If a change is made in one service area, that change is instantly replicated across all system platforms.  The end-user database also tracks and consolidates reporting on all IST activity and provides this information in real-time via the web or in clear, easy to follow printed reports. Download the PDF for full details.

All inclusive software system.

Download the full PDF.