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Facilities Operations

 IST-Suite Technology Functions:

Facilities Operations

Work Order Applications

Dynamic, web-based application designed to capture, track, and report on special requests for work ranging from simple office moves to scheduling.  The Work Order system was designed to complement our mail, print, and hospitality services by making our staff more available and accountable in fulfilling non-standard support requests.

Work Order Dashboard

Current and pending work orders are logged, prioritized, and displayed online for anyone to review at any time.

Space Planning & Asset Management Application

Digitally manage all resources in the office environment (people, furniture, equipment and any other assets) through a secured web based tool.

  • Floor Plan Management – Creating/Importing/Exporting in multiple formats
  • Move Scenario Planning
  • Move Request/Approval/Assignments Module
  • Reporting – Move History, Cost Center Allocations, Open/Available Space, Space Utilization and more

Unlike our competition, who use several 3rd party software systems to support their various service offerings, IST has created its own all-inclusive software system, IST-Suite, with our robust end-user database at the center.  The end-user database communicates with all service modules of IST-Suite, no matter the combination of services IST is performing.  If a change is made in one service area, that change is instantly replicated across all system platforms.  The end-user database also tracks and consolidates reporting on all IST activity and provides this information in real-time via the web or in clear, easy to follow printed reports. Download the PDF for full details.

All inclusive software system.

Download the full PDF.