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Document Management

 IST-Suite Technology Functions:

Document Management

Digital Mail

IST understands that turning paper-based documents into electronic documents has a direct impact on supporting departmental workflows. This speed of delivery supports overall cost reduction and increases direct market competitiveness.

  • Utilizes desktop scanners for convenience
  • Takes advantage of IST DocStor for quick access and document security
  • Ability to select certain pages of a scanned document to send
  • Create custom receiver address book
  • Monitor and manage mailboxes
  • Email notifications when a document is received
  • Share received documents

DocStor Records

Many organizations need to manage both physical and electronic documents, but keeping track of physical records can be tedious and confusing. IST DocStor Records takes your physical records management system to the next level by applying key time-saving automations.

  • Apply intelligent storage, requests, and fulfillment workflows
  • Centralize management of physical records
  • Simplify compliance with local, state, and federal regulations
  • Provide detailed chain of custody and audit tracking
  • Protect information using role-based security protocols
  • Automate record lifecycle and disposition management

DocStor Business

IST DocStor Business is a Cloud Based Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) designed to convert, store and manage critical business documents while applying custom workflows for HR documentation, AP/AR record keeping, contract management and more:

  • Eliminate missing forms
  • Reduce time to search and retrieve documents directly from your PC
  • Eliminate burden of paper storage, retrieval and re-filing
  • Reduce storage costs, free up floor space and eliminate file cabinets
  • Online document sharing among multiple users in different locations
  • Generate automatic email notification for missing forms and expiring I-9’s
  • Customize security to view specific folders and files
  • Guaranteed uptime, document security, back-up and disaster recovery
  • Automated workflows customized to suit existing processes

Unlike our competition, who use several 3rd party software systems to support their various service offerings, IST has created its own all-inclusive software system, IST-Suite, with our robust end-user database at the center.  The end-user database communicates with all service modules of IST-Suite, no matter the combination of services IST is performing.  If a change is made in one service area, that change is instantly replicated across all system platforms.  The end-user database also tracks and consolidates reporting on all IST activity and provides this information in real-time via the web or in clear, easy to follow printed reports. Download the PDF for full details.

All inclusive software system.

Download the full PDF.