GEMS - Gainful Employment for Military Spouses

IST has found that by hiring the most skilled, diverse and motivated employees to perform on-site services at our Customer offices, we are able to not just meet the quality expectations of our Customers, but we can exceed them. IST strives to hire military spouses because, characteristically, you are motivated and team-oriented with a strong work ethic and distinguish yourselves as outstanding employees.

With operations in 40+ cities nationally and nearly 2,000 positions, IST’s dedication to finding and keeping the highest level of employees that are passionate about serving our customers is second to none.

Highlights include:

  • Family oriented company culture rooted in loyalty and service
  • Relocation options in 40 continental states
  • Organizational nationwide upward mobility
  • Full support of military spouse lifestyle and understanding of need for flexibility

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IST is the fastest growing and largest independently owned Business Process Outsourcing company in the country. Since being founded in 1997, our core business has been providing outsourced professional, facilities and office support services.

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IST's Commitment to Military Spouses

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Military Spouse Resources


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Providing portable careers.

A common challenge for employment-seeking military spouses is the ability for their careers to be portable. Often times, the spouse’s career takes a back seat to that of the service members. With deployments, PCS moves, separations, and other military life stressors, maintaining a steady career can be quite difficult for military spouses.

IST has committed itself to supporting our highly-valued employees by creating a culture geared towards not just work responsibilities, but family responsibilities as well.  IST provides the following to Military Spouses:

  • Employment continuity programs to help military spouses maintain career momentum at our facilities nationwide.
  • Flexible work schedules – full time or part time.
  • Preference/greater access to positions near military installations.
  • Considerations for spending time with families both before and after deployments.

How it works.

After you have WOWed IST’s recruiters with your resume, an interview will take place.  IST’s recruiters will create multi-format online interviews using our digital interviewing platform (web browser and mobile app based), to measure your fitness for the role with a combination of multiple choice, written, and video answer responses.  You can do the interview from the privacy of your own home.

The onboarding process begins with a criminal background check and drug testing which takes 2-7 days depending on level and extent of information being obtained.  Following that, you will begin employment with a full Orientation on day one and final HR processing and system setup within 24 hours.

The average time to hire from application date to onboarding completion for an entry level role at IST is about 30 days. This will vary based on the technical requirements of the position being filled, regional market factors, and compensation versus duties and experience required.

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IST is proud to partner with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes Hiring 100,000 Military Spouses campaign.  Our partnership with this initiative commits us to hiring military spouses which will ultimately result in a combined 100,000 military spouses hired by the end of 2021.


“This campaign is a call to action for American businesses to make military spouse employment a top priority, and by joining the Hiring 100,000 Military Spouses campaign, IST Management Services is doing just that,”

Eric Eversole

President of Hiring Our Heroes,

Vice President at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

IST utilizes its own human resources department to recruit and train all new hires.  Since IST promotes from within, Military Spouses are provided with a clear career path no matter where their family commitments take them.

“Being a father to two sons who served in the Navy is the greatest honor of my life. I saw them grow in their careers and witnessed the impact military life had on their relationships and families.  It wasn’t always easy, but I have always considered it my duty to do everything I can to help on the home front.  IST’s GEMS program is an extension of that duty - from my family to yours. I want to help military spouses by giving them flexible, portable, secure careers no matter where military life takes them.”

Hal Blackman

President & CEO

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