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Personalized Legal Expertise.

Expert Consultation for The Future of the Legal Profession.

As the demand for specialized legal expertise grows, IST is responding by making a veteran law firm COO available to augment the internal capabilities of law firms and legal departments. Both can draw upon the foundational knowledge and specialization that IST Legal Advisory Services can offer to aid in strategic organizational decisions, including both transformational assignments and short-term, project based initiatives.

IST’s Legal Advisory Services:

  1. Change Management/Growth Initiatives/Law Firm Strategy
  2. Partner Performance Management
  3. Revenue Enhancement/Business Development Leadership
  4. Administrative Efficiencies/Cost Saving Initiatives

Expert Consultation for The Future of the Legal Profession

Success in law firm leadership requires a specific set of skills, including a willingness to understand and incorporate the ideas of others and the ability to bring diverse constituencies to consensus. IST can help you lead positive change in the following areas of focus:

  • Strategic Planning with Measurable Results
  • Firm Expansions including the Fundamental Merge/No Merge Question
  • Recruitment and Retention of Lawyers and Key Staff
  • Maintaining and Improving Attorney and Staff Engagement

Partner Performance Management

IST can advise on the best practices for monitoring partner performance including metrics to be tracked; reports to share among decision makers; processes for information gathering from partners; best practices for assigning compensation; and the messaging to partners to connect the firm’s compensation process to its overall strategy including:

  • Client Origination Credit Systems
  • Dealing Constructively with Partner Under-Performance
  • Senior Lawyer Transitions
  • Lateral Partner Hiring and Integration

Revenue Enhancement/Business Development Leadership

Having gleaned key insights in the legal profession over the past 20+ years of hands-on experience, IST can share fundamental concepts that will ensure your success in business development and growing client relationships, including:

  • Building Client Relationships and Market Share
  • Determining Clients’ Expectations and Challenges
  • Fee Structures When Clients are Demanding More for Less
  • Partner Retreats as Revenue Events

Administrative Efficiencies/Cost Saving Initiatives

IST’s experience and track record of success in synthesizing processes into a working model for progress in legal practices provides an invaluable national resource to law firm managing partners and other senior leaders:

  • Real Estate Designs to Promote Collaboration and Efficiency
  • Reforming Secretarial/Administrative Support
  • Billing & Collections – Best Practices
  • Business Intake and Conflicts Avoidance
  • Selecting Technologies to Reduce Costs and Improve Service

After 13 years as an accomplished litigator and trial lawyer, Bob served as managing partner of Virginia-based Mays & Valentine from 1993-2000.  As managing partner, Bob oversaw expansion of the firm by 45% and eventually merged 150 Virginia lawyers from Mays & Valentine into Troutman Sanders in 2001.

Bob served in senior management at Troutman until 2018, most recently as Chief Operating Officer, where he was responsible for  technology, real estate, human resources and office operations for Troutman’s 12 offices in the U.S. and over 650 attorneys.  Bob’s areas of expertise include law firm strategy, partner performance management, revenue enhancement and cost reduction initiatives.

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Bob Seabolt

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