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Looking through a sea of people to find the Right Person is easier than ever.


Since being founded in April of 1997 in Atlanta, GA our core business has been providing quality-driven labor and technology support services.  With operations from coast to coast, we have developed clear and measurable processes for identifying and recruiting the right person for each and every position.


It all starts with hiring people who have an innate passion to serve.  We have learned that no amount of training, management or technology can ever replace a truly service-oriented personality and that’s exactly what we will seek-out on your behalf!


Benefits of Choosing IST:


  • Direct consultation and management from IST’s team of subject matter experts.
  • Personalized recruiting plan results in higher slate of quality candidates.
  • Insights from people who have recruiting expertise.
  • Fewer candidates to consider.
  • Access to candidates who may be passive job seekers or not looking for job opportunities.
  • Thorough screening process that includes a phone interview, video interview, assessment report, optional drug test & full background check, and final interview(s) with the customer representative.
  • IST only recommends top shelf candidates.

Provide us information about the role, salary, job specifications and culture of your organization and we will get to work finding the right fit!

Key Benefits of IST Direct Hire

Dedicated talent acquisition.

Over 2/3 of Human Resource professionals don’t actually like handling recruiting responsibilities.  They wear too many hats to be able to give this essential activity the attention they feel is necessary.


When you partner with IST’s Talent Acquisition team, you will get a TAM dedicated to you who will take the time to learn your company’s culture and find the right candidate to fill the specific role you need.  One size does not fit all with IST.  We will be a specialized extension of your HR team offering the following advantages:


  • We have experts that know your market and understand what it takes to be attractive to the right candidates.
  • Technologies for hiring change quickly and we stay out in front of the changes to make your strategy competitive.
  • We can bring particular insight into your employment brand to measure the effectiveness and recommend adjustments.

IST will create a Personalized Recruiting Plan where you deal with a single, dedicated Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM).  Your dedicated TAM will apply proven recruiting processes to fill your required role by customizing the following basic structure:

Personalized recruiting plan.

  • Your organizational needs
  • Your business priorities and performance
  • Your workforce management
  • Your core HR team
  • Your talent management practices
  • Local and professional job markets
  • Attractiveness of position
  • Effectiveness of existing recruiting channels
  • Current pipeline of potential candidates
  • Current employee referrals
  • Interview, interview, interview
  • Selection for hire
  • Extend and negotiate an offer
  • Pre-boarding
  • New-hire socialization
  • Follow up in order to convert new hires into engaged employees

1. Understand

2. Assess

3. Engage

Sydney Ayers

National Director,

Talent Acquisitions


Meet the team!

IST’s Talent Acquisition Managers work around the clock and around the country seeking out the highest quality, competitive and exceptional candidates for both IST and our customers.  With nearly a century of combined experience, we are ready to work for you!


Sydney Ayers is a Chicago native. She graduated Cum Laude and early from DePaul University with a degree in Sociology and Organizational Communication. Sydney started with IST in March 2014 and was promoted into the National Director role after just two years with the company. In an ideal candidate, she seeks passion, attention to detail, and reliability.


IST understands that to meet and exceed our Customer’s expectations, we not only have to provide responsive service to our direct customers, but also provide the finest staffed employees to serve their customers.  To achieve this, IST has cultivated a thorough, intuitive and experienced Talent Acquisition Team.


With nearly 2,000 FTE’s in the field today, IST’s ability   to recruit and retain the highest level of employees that are passionate about serving our customers is second to none.

Looking through a sea of people to find the right person for the job.

Talent Acquisition Team

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