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Sourcing for Your Legal Resource Management, Records and Information Management, and IT Positions.

Looking through a sea of people to find the Right Person is easier than ever.


Since being founded in April of 1997 in Atlanta, GA our core business has been providing quality-driven labor and technology support services.  With operations from coast to coast, we have developed clear and measurable processes for identifying and recruiting the right person for each and every position.


It all starts with hiring people who have an innate passion to serve.  We have learned that no amount of training, management or technology can ever replace a truly service-oriented personality and that’s exactly what we will seek-out on your behalf!


Benefits of Choosing IST:


  • Direct consultation and management from IST’s team of subject matter experts.
  • Personalized recruiting plan results in higher slate of quality candidates.
  • Insights from people who have recruiting expertise.
  • Fewer candidates to consider.
  • Access to candidates who may be passive job seekers or not looking for job opportunities.
  • Thorough screening process that includes a phone interview, video interview, assessment report, optional drug test & full background check, and final interview(s) with the customer representative.
  • IST only recommends top shelf candidates.

Provide us information about the role, salary, job specifications and culture of your organization and we will get to work finding the right fit!

  1. Faster time to hire reduces your hiring costs - Using an IST recruiter can significantly cut the time to hire to less than 45 days.
  2. Video interviews significantly improves hiring decisions - We record and share our interviews with you so you can see more than what’s on paper - the candidate’s body language, facial expressions and overall appearance.
  3. Optional drug, motor vehicle and background checks improves safety and security - Reduce lost time and costs associated with making poor hiring decisions and improve workplace safety and security by letting IST perform background checks.
  4. Reference checks helps to validate the candidate - IST recruiters dive deeper than just the references provided.

Key Benefits of IST Direct Hire

Legal Resource Management Recruiting

IST provides a Personalized Recruiting Plan to identify and source for the relevant knowledge, skills, and characteristics of top legal talent for all positions, who will accomplish outstanding performance.  Typical positions we fill include seasoned practitioners described as:


  • COO/Executive Directors/Firm Administrators - Strategic Leadership, Change Management – Highly Skilled Candidates
  • Partners/Associates - Experienced with moving books of business
  • Legal Staff - All law firm positions, including, but not limited to, paralegals, legal secretaries, human resources, marketing, accounting, receptionist, etc.

Kerri Lidman

National Director, Legal Resource Management


Kerri Lidman, IST's National Director of Legal Resource Management, has over 25 years legal experience in the Atlanta market, beginning her career as a paralegal and then moving to the management side of a law firm.  Kerri has been an Executive Director and COO of law firms for 20 years.

Records and Information Management (RIM) Recruiting

IST’s talent acquisition for Records and Information and/or Information Governance positions follows relevant core competencies in both legal and commercial sectors.


  • Executive - Strategic Leadership, Change Management
  • Management - Records Director, Records Manager with Advanced Skill
  • Experienced - Records Supervisor with Basic RIM Understanding

Linda Muller

CRM, IGP, ERMp - Vice President, Records and Information


Certified Records Manager and Information Governance Professional, Linda Muller, has 25 years’ experience in records and information management including staffing, assessment, design, implementation, and maintenance of records management systems.

Information Technology & Security Recruiting

With over two decades of experience, IST delivers top talent consistently and efficiently. We take a personal approach in delivering the right technical talent to your team.  At IST, our extensive national network allows us to source and recruit top level talent with the required skills and experience to best match your hiring needs.


  • Unparalleled Network - We have a national pipeline connecting IT talent from coast to coast, allowing us to go beyond just those who are available.
  • Market Knowledge - To find the right people fast, we keep a constant pulse on where the best IT professionals are, what they’re paid, and what it takes to attract and retain them.
  • Long-term Partnership - Our IT Direct Placement team members take the time to learn about your technical environment, your business and your company’s culture.

IST’s mission to meet and exceed our Customer’s expectations doesn’t stop with outsourced services.  We also make our recruiting expertise and resources available to our customers as they too must provide the finest staffed employees to serve their customers.

Looking through a sea of people to find the right person for the job.

Talent Acquisition Team

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