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IST DocStor Records

Physical Records Management Made Easy.

Stress-Free records management.

Many organizations need to manage both physical and electronic documents, but keeping track of physical records can be tedious and confusing.  IST DocStor Records takes your physical records management system to the next level by applying key time-saving automation.

Whether you are looking to get centralized control over physical files stored in department file cabinets or need to optimize a file room, IST DocStor Records can be customized to best-fit your specific need.


See how DocStor Records can help:

  • Apply intelligent creation, request and fulfillment workflows
  • Centralize management of physical records
  • Simplify compliance with local, state and federal regulations
  • Provide detailed chain of custody and audit tracking
  • Protect information using role-based security protocols
  • Automate record lifecycle and disposition management

Search, Classify and Request

  • Manage requests and search for records
  • Request records for delivery & pickup
  • Check records in & out
  • Create record indices
  • Provide remote access

Chain of Custody

  • Create inventory report
  • Manage record details
  • Audit records
  • Identify ethical walls
  • Identify legal holds
  • Barcode label all components

Record Lifecycle and Disposition

  • See a list of current records & requests
  • Mark records as missing/found
  • Transfer records to another person
  • Automate retention eligibility
  • Dispose of records

IST Scan-to-Shred Methodology

Going fully paperless via Scan to Shred methodologies or just getting better control over the paper you have has never been easier.

IST can give expert recommendation to manage your records by applying our proprietary DocStor Records software and systems to add accountability and compliance reporting to your records filing, location and retention practices.

7 Steps to Ensure Scan-to-Shred Success

Developing and implementing a Scan-to-Shred initiative will assist the firm’s employees in transitioning from paper to electronic records management. Whether a back-file conversion or a go-forward strategy, the ultimate value of scan-to-shred is reduced risk and reduced cost... READ MORE

Taking the hassle out of record keeping.

IST DocStor Records was created in collaboration with our in-house Certified Records Manager and Information Governance Professional so you and your team have the fundamental workflow processes required to create, distribute and maintain accurate records throughout the document lifecycle. The most fundamental part of introducing any new technology is user adoption. DocStor Records provides an intuitive interface, customized configuration, simple record classification and automates lifecycle management.