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 IST Discover-E White Paper:

AI for eDiscovery

Technology is always advancing

Technology is always advancing and, for law firms, this means that better tools for data analytics in eDiscovery are always evolving. While the current software available provides helpful tools ranging from simple email threading and textual near-deduplication to more complex tools such as conceptual searching and data clustering, they are still very limited.

When analyzing data, law firms need more from their data analytics software. They need software that can understand the difference between text and context without relying on the efficacy of data coded manually by document review attorneys. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities growing exponentially, eDiscovery experts are thrilled at the application of machine reasoning (instead of mere learning) and the contextual understanding that can be brought to bear.

AI technology with the out-of-the-box capacity to read between the lines will always be more effective than the current process of spoon-feeding via sample data sets. But, as with any new technology, it is important to understand the mechanisms and processes through which AI can add value to law firms and to have a clear picture of the different elements:

Technology Assisted Review processes like Predictive Coding, Sample-Based Learning or Active Learning are all types (or degrees) of Machine Learning and are all AI functions that are already featured in data analysis tools. These tools allow software applications to become more accurate at predicting outcomes by continuously analyzing coding decisions made manually by document review attorneys. They use historical data as input to predict new output values.  Similar to when a person is presented with a problem, that person will often think about what the answer could be by accessing previously obtained information and applying it to the situation at hand.

A real advantage of Machine Learning is that the programming’s recall is absolute. However, the disadvantage is that if the algorithm it bases its coding decisions upon is flawed – by flawed coding decisions made by manual coders – then the entire analytic set will be flawed. Once it is set into motion, it continues to completion with no ability to identify or correct potential coding errors. Machine Learning allows manual interactions to be minimized but there will always be some.

AI platforms such as NexLP’s cognitive Story Engine allow law firms to extract better reasoned information that is more beneficial to cases than standard analytical software. NexLP’s systems stand apart from standard tools by applying features like Natural Linguistic Programming, which discovers key information in the vernacular of communications that standard data analytics software can miss.

NexLP’s solution speeds the process even more by reasoning out potentially incorrect data that was pulled in key term searches by applying Named Entity Recognition. Named Entity Recognition is able to understand and interpret the type of term being searched so that during the search process, only the correct usage of the term is pulled into the report. Its ability to search what we mean, not what we say, provides cost savings and recovers time lost on fruitless results. Named Entity Recognition can be used to find the correct data even when names are misspelled, different email address, nicknames or acronyms are used in documents. This is a major stumbling block for many current machine learning applications where AI provides a better solution.

NexLP’s Story Engine also provides the ability for law firms to use behavioral analytics that can interpret beyond just text and supply the real stories and events that relate to a case.  Analytics that previously only found text can now understand and conceptualize the behavioral and emotional context within that text to tell the complete story. Combining behavioral & emotional intelligence along with pattern analysis, AI can then recognize specific tones and inflections for each individual and can prioritize and recommend documents that are likely case specific.

Put simply, AI is the next generation in data analytics. It’s not unusual for law firms to need eDiscovery technology to mine tens of thousands of emails and other documents in the effort to discover even the possible dozen or so key pieces of evidence around which to support their case.

Just as law firms were once limited to key word searches and then analytics technology introduced the ability to find themes, recurring words, phrases or concepts automatically, AI has improved and expanded eDiscovery technology to be able to understand data. The better the technology and ability of the data analytics, the more quickly a firm can drive down costs. For this reason, law firms now are racing to adopt AI technology as the next generation of eDiscovery tools. Utilizing this technology, and doing so without incurring crippling costs, is the lagniappe for larger law firms and linchpin to the survival of small and midsized firms. The advantages proved by AI are essential for the fastest and most complete results in e-discovery data analytics.

Since data analytics tools, including AI technology are constantly advancing, and to keep ahead of this technology and provide the best product for our clients, IST has partnered with NexLP to provide the most sophisticated AI technology as part of our total support solution. NexLP’s Story Engine is the benchmark in cognitive data analytics providing features such as advanced AI capabilities, language ID & natural language processing, improved machine learning, behavioral & emotional intelligence pattern analysis, cognitive surveillance & analytics along with social media & email analysis integration. The advanced AI abilities of NexLP’s Story Engine and the benefits to our clients makes it the perfect addition to our innovative Discover-E services. IST has assembled the most innovative tools in the industry from forensics collections, data processing, hosting & productions to managed legal review & court reporting. With our new partnership with NexLP, we are excited to expand our data analytics options to include the latest in AI technology for eDiscovery services.

At IST Discover-E, we have years of experience helping our clients with their eDiscovery needs along with full scale legal support management systems.  We are expert in creating and customizing eDiscovery processes that best fit our client’s needs and expectations. Our model is uniquely transparent, easy to understand and effective in aiding our clients get the decision they want for their clients.