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Managed Document Review

 Twenty years of industry know-how.

Documented defensible processes.

IST Discover-E brings more than 20 years of legal industry know-how to your Managed Document Review projects so your attorneys can focus on more important litigation practices.   Our full complement of services are designed to help you stay on time and on budget without sacrificing defensibility or precision.


IST Discover-E’s Managed Review Process is based on Industry standard best practices, documented defensible processes and, in-depth performance metrics for increased visibility into project status, costing and results.


Our proprietary IST Discover-E Portal delivers customized web-based reporting to clients with our exclusive Managed Document Review dashboard.

  • Scalable Managed Review
  • On-Site or Off-Site Staffing
  • 7 Dedicated Review Centers
  • Multilingual Services
  • TAR and Active Learning Modelling
  • Flexible, Predictable Pricing Models
  • Proprietary Portal for Realtime Reporting

Our Services

Customized Workflows

IST Discover-E creates custom solutions for each matter by understanding our client’s expressed need and applying bespoke workflows to integrate best-practices and leading technology to provide quality, accurate and timely service.

  • Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) – We staff SME’s within various business units who bring to bear many years of practical experience from a client’s perspective including former COO’s of global law firms alongside Certified Records Managers and Information Governance Professionals.  We will work with you to determine the appropriate team for your specific case to get your review completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • On-Site Project Managers – Attorneys with backgrounds in litigation and eDiscovery who serve as the main point of contact for your project for both substantive and administrative oversight.  These managers are trained to serve as an extension of your legal team, working with you as integrated partners.  They remain on-site to direct the entire document review process and are expert in designing and implementing review strategies to make sure reviews are completed defensibly, on time and under budget.
  • Quality Control Managers – Attorneys with document review experience who act on both first pass and second-level review to uphold accuracy and consistency so no privileged or non-relevant documents are produced to opposing counsel.  Quality Control Managers are also the most critical point for reporting and feedback on first pass review consistency and project progress.
  • First Pass Reviewers – Attorney with review experience who review documents for responsiveness, privilege and issue coding.

(Reviewers are all qualified or barred to practice law and are in good standing in their respective domestic and international jurisdictions.)

Who will be on your team?

Benefit of choosing a full service provider.

From collection and ECA to production, when choosing IST Discover-E at the outset of a matter, our experienced team is able to apply data reduction strategies including filtering, de-duplication and early case assessment to minimize review and production costs.


Our intelligent application of Relativity Review allows us to rank and organize documents by responsiveness enabling you to make strategic decisions earlier.  We combine this with our proprietary IST Discover-E Portal built directly into Relativity to provide real time reporting to clients via our exclusive Managed Document Review dashboard.

IST Discover-E’s Document Review Centers were chosen meet the highest standards of security, quality, and efficiency while providing comfortable work environments for attorneys that are conducive to collaboration and concentration.  The state-of-the-art centers have the spatial and technological capacity to accommodate reviews of any scale and scope, from simple projects to the most sophisticated and comprehensive issue analysis.  Each center is designed to be flexible and scalable.


Currently, we offer utilization of seven dedicated turnkey Document Review Centers.  We are also able to build pop-up facilities anywhere upon request to accommodate document reviews of any scope or size.

    Chicago, IL

    Los Angeles, CA

    Morrisville, NC

    New York, NY

    San Francisco, CA

    Southfield, MI

    Washington, DC


Technical Operation and Security:

  • Up to 1Gbps symmetrical and redundant Internet connections
  • The industry’s first threat-focused next-generation firewall (NGFW), the Cisco ASA 5500-X Series, which combats sophisticated cyber attacks with a superior security appliance
  • Network architecture designed for resiliency with the latest enterprise grade Cisco switches
  • Protection by Cisco Umbrella (Insight package), which provides additional layer of predictive security
  • Preventive malware, phishing, and C2 callbacks over any port
  • Protection from malicious domain requests & IP responses at the DNS-layer and from URL paths & direct IP connections at the IP-layer
  • Proxy risky domains for URL and file inspection using AV engines and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)
  • Windows 10, Microsoft’s most secure Windows Operating System to date, providing more built-in security protection to help safeguard against viruses, phishing, and malware
  • Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 package

Document Review Centers