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Digital Forensics and Data Collection

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Forensic Data Collections

The challenges of eDiscovery are still being discovered as litigants and courts become more sophisticated in dealing with electronic information.  In response to this growing need, IST Discover-E provides expert consultants and digital forensic examiners to help identify, preserve and collect sources of electronic data using forensically sound methods.  Our clients can be certain that the data gathered by Discover-E Collections stands up to legal scrutiny and is always compliant with rules of evidence and procedure.


Services Include:

  • Forensic Analysis & Consulting
  • Forensic Collections of Devices
  • Cloud Forensic Collections
  • eMail and Web Browser Forensic Collections
  • On-Site or Remote Forensic Collections
  • Full or Targeted Forensic Collections
  • Expert Testimony

IST Discover-E’s forensic examiners deftly apply forensic and scientific principles to every investigation using the same forensic technology that is used by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, DOJ, SEC, NASA, and the State Department.


Our process and technology allow us to:

  • Extract account information from Apple, Google, and more to reveal a wealth of data that tracks a user’s whereabouts and activity - providing a look into application usage, physical location history, account activity etc.
  • Pull data from various Cloud sources – Box, Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Office365 and more.
  • Determine account activity such as email accounts used to access Cloud accounts and history of access.

Cloud Forensics - The Next Level

Forensic Collections From Nearly Any Source

IST Discover-E’s multifaceted Collections team applies solid technical resources and expertise to collect exact, relevant and correct data from nearly any device, account or server.  If the data is there, we will find it.

IST Discover-E examiners can provide expert testimony in sensitive cases.

  • Collections and analysis performed by licensed and certified experts and backed up with expert testimony
  • Testimony experience in Federal and State Court
  • Thorough, objective and well-organized reporting, which is invaluable when an investigation results in court action months or years later.

Expert Testimony

With nearly twenty years of collective experience working on the most cutting-edge technologies, IST Discover-E’s Forensic Collections team has a uniquely advanced set of skills to tackle collections, preservations, analysis, and consulting on multiple matters involving digital data.

Meet the Team

Ryan Horton

Certified Forensic Analyst,

IST Discover-E Collections

Andy Jacobs

Certified Forensic Analyst,

IST Discover-E Collections





Ryan Horton has served his clients in both civil and criminal cases with a knack for quick solutions to complicated collection needs. Ryan has extensive knowledge in mobile device forensics as well as computer and cloud data collections.

Andy Jacobs has worked on civil and criminal litigation matters, across multiple platforms of digital media. Andy is constantly exploring solutions for new environments, in an ever-changing technological world.

IST Discover-E is your single source for superior collections, processing and review services.  We understand the needs of our clients and consistently deliver legally admissible forensic data collections that go hand in hand with our expert data processing and review services.

The IST Collections Advantage