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Business Process Outsourcing

IST Office Services Overview

IST's forward-looking approach to service and technology is constantly improving the management of print, mail and hospitality services.

IST Office & Facilities Management Services

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IST Discover-E Overview

IST Discover-E consolidates your eDiscovery needs onto our fully inclusive, cloud-based platform - See what IST Discover-E can do for your firm.

IST eDiscovery & Litigation Support Services

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Remote Video Depositions Overview

See what IST Reporting can do for your firm.

IST Consulting Services

IST & InOutsource Partnership

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IST is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company specializing in Innovative solutions, world-class Service and front-line proprietary Technology. With an emphasis on office services, eDiscovery, and electronic document management, IST applies key efficiency processes to the handling of physical and digital information.

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