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IST Digital Mail Consent Form

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IST Offers Digital Mail Solutions

Please read and submit the following form if you would like to participate in IST's Digital Mail Service.

Your IST service center can scan your physical mail to digital so you can receive mail wherever you are!

We are proud to serve Cox Enterprises and offer Digital Mail services as part of our solution dedicated to making your life easier.  With your approval, IST team members can open your physical mail in the service center, scan it and send it to you.  Our service includes:

  • Better access to critical information.
  • In-process quality controls to make sure scans are high-quality every time.
  • HIPAA compliant document retention and destruction.
  • Retention of legal authority for scanned documents (when applicable).
  • AND we can still deliver physical mail on scheduled runs if you prefer to have a paper copy as well.

In consideration of delivery of my or my employer (Company) mail, I (the addressee) and IST agree: (1) by utilizing IST Digital Mail services, I consent to allow IST to open mail addressed to me, scan, send and retain information for a period as agreed upon by IST and Company; (2) Information will remain confidential in accordance with terms of confidentiality agreed upon by IST and Company; (3) I authorize the delivery of my mail by IST to the designated address provided to IST; (4) IST shall not disclose my information without my consent to third parties.

Did You Know?

If you would like to utilize our new Digital Mail service, please contact:

Tammy Sims  |