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Facilities Forward Procedures

 IST Office Services Features:

IST has supported the essential business support needs of hundreds customers throughout the pandemic - not just in New York and Los Angeles, but in over forty marketplaces in between. Taking guidance from the CDC, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), local trade organizations and our network of experienced operations management professionals, we can be as flexible as you need us to be.

From establishing six feet distancing guidelines in employee lounges and conference rooms to staffing temperature check stations at building entry points, all of these processes intersect with IST’s standard support functions.

All of these processes also require a dedicated, customer-service oriented team of professionals to carry them out successfully. IST’s Facilities Forward approach includes key process adjustments to maximize safety in our service provision to best fit the needs of your office and the guidance of public health officials.

We can implement Facilities Forward Operations processes for:

  • Building Entry
  • Reception
  • Mail and Print Centers
  • Mail and Print Delivery
  • Conference Rooms
  • Records Centers
  • Hospitality - Break Rooms, Lounges, Wellness/Nursing Rooms, Gyms, Phone Rooms and Visiting Offices (Hoteling)

Facilities Forward Procedures Overview.

See what IST's facilities forward procedures can do for your business.

Communication and implementation.

From boutique law firms in historic buildings to multi-campus Universities, each facility is different and our solutions to support them are tailored to suit.  IST, alongside the client contact, will come up with a schedule of events to identify and implement back-to-work processes.  Since IST is completely flexible, we will be able to model our discovery and implementation around the needs of our customers.

IST takes the following into consideration to ensure a smooth and successful transition:

  1. Planning – Planning for and deciding on how to return (Big Decisions)
  2. Prepare the Building – cleaning, sanitizing, services, deliveries, processes
  3. Prepare the Workforce – anxiety, policies, communications, essential onsite employees
  4. Control Access – protocols, health checks, reception, visitors, shipping/receiving
  5. Create a Social Distancing Plan – density, schedules, traffic patterns
  6. Reduce Touchpoints and Increase Cleaning – doors, clean desk policy, food plan
  7. Communicate for Confidence – recognize fear, transparency, listen and survey

Facilities forward procedures.

  1. Building Entry - Best practices for implementing screening procedures at building entry points require both people and technology for access control and visitor management. When implementing a single-entry process, policies to manage the flow of employees and visitors must be both stringent and considerate of employees’ time. IST can provide staff to respectfully and unobtrusively screen visitors and staff upon entry.
  2. Reception - Implementing sound social distancing and disinfecting processes remains at the center of our Facilities Forward approach for reception areas. Whether the receptionist position is staffed by an IST associate or by a customer employee, we can help ensure that passage adheres to stringent safety requirements.
  3. Mail and Print Centers - Where contagion is most easily transmitted among peers in close quarters, mail and print centers have potential to be an intrusion and dissemination point within an office building. IST’s Facilities Forward approach includes measures to control and mitigate the potential for disease to spread.
  4. Mail and Print Delivery - IST’s Facilities Forward processes maintain accountability in mail, package and copy job delivery while observing CDC safety protocols. We have developed methods for proper social distancing and limiting touch on delivery runs that effectively limit potential infection while ensuring all mail and print jobs are delivered correctly and on-time.
  5. Conference Rooms - Face to face meetings continue to be essential in effective decision making and employee management.  Along with A/V specialists to support video conferencing, IST’s on-site staff will work with your employees to establish safety-conscious conference room scheduling, setups, proceedings and breakdowns.
  6. Records Centers - In records centers, IST’s Facilities Forward approach implements additional measures to restrict touch points in physical file requests as much as possible and disinfect those touch points after every use. We are also coordinating with off-site records management providers and their couriers to help ensure they are following correct safety protocols.
  7. Hospitality - Break Rooms, Lounges, Wellness/Nursing Rooms, Gyms, Phone Rooms and Visiting Offices (Hoteling) - Prior to COVID-19, break rooms, lounges and other flex spaces were places for employees to pause their workday and unwind, have a bit of privacy or to get a good days’ worth of work in despite being on the road. Now, because they are designed to be highly trafficked, these flex spaces must be treated with extreme focus on safety. IST’s Facilities Forward approach considers even the slightest opportunity for contagion to spread as a priority.

Sanitizing and disinfecting services (SDS).

IST is responding to global demand for safer office spaces by offering Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services to our customers to decrease immediate and ongoing health risks while contributing to our customers’ long-term business success. IST’s SDS services are the best way to continuously provide a healthy environment for employees and customers.

  • Decreased likelihood of diseases like COVID-19, influenza and others spreading in your workplace.
  • Fewer sick days for your employees, increased productivity and lower costs.
  • An increased feeling of security on the part of your staff members knowing that these services are taking place.
  • Higher morale and trust in leadership.

IST’s HR operations and safety teams developed the SDS training program for all IST employees that provides access to updated technical data, CDC recommendations, and continuously advises Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services team members on both ongoing and seasonal best practices. Any IST site employee that handles any level of cleaning during the course of their normal duties must understand the SDS training program and demonstrate proficiency within our online testing system.

SDS activities can be added to current IST support functions. We will work with you to evaluate the needs of your individual office and first look to implement SDS functions using our already contracted on-site employees. If this is not possible, we will engage our in-house talent acquisition management team to staff for the new responsibilities under any plan that best fits your needs AND your budget.

Facilities forward site communication.

Our highest priority is to keep all our employees and customers as safe as possible and the most important part of introducing new safety requirements is getting the word out among our customer’s employees.

IST can use our in-house marketing resources to help you prepare your offices for reopening by placing reminders in designated places to help control the spread of contagion and reduce risk to staff.

Forward thinking business solutions.

IST’s Facilities Forward approach offers additional support systems created to aid businesses as they reposition themselves for a robust recovery – solutions like Digital Mail and Physical Records Management Systems. While a great amount of emphasis is correctly given to how to reduce overheads for the immediate future, IST Facilities Forward solutions combine that goal with cutting-edge technology designed to generate cost savings far into the future.

As the nation’s largest, independently owned business process outsourcing company, IST has developed the Facilities Forward approach to provide that specialization and ensure proper and considerate back-to-business processes are implemented at your offices. Combining COVID Recovery Processes with outsourced office support allows businesses and their employees to focus on their core, revenue generating functions. Whether it be a law firm, insurance provider, or financial institute, an enormous amount of time and money have already gone into flattening the curve.  Now, as businesses plan their return, an enormous amount of time and money must be dedicated to implementing safety measures to help prevent additional waves of illness. No matter how much time is spent on these non-core tasks, it is still an encumbrance on business’ bottom line.

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The facilities forward approach.