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Data Collection Webinar Demonstration

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Own Your Data Investigation, Don’t Let it Own You!

Data collections can sometimes be overwhelming when you’re looking for your needle in a haystack. At IST, we’ve spent years helping our clients do just that!  Our certified forensic experts will show you how to best utilize all of the tools at your disposal to save time in your review and help win your case. Join us for an in depth look at some of the new, exciting options to dig your way out of your data!

  • Remote collections - what can and cannot be collected remotely
  • Dropbox / other cloud storage
  • iPhone / iPad
  • Webmail
  • Office365
  • Cellphone collections displayed for review in Relativity
  • Utilizing social media data
  • Messaging apps / Skype / Slack
  • Cellphone collections
  • The difference in android and iPhone collections

Meet the Team.

With nearly twenty years of collective experience working on the most cutting-edge technologies, IST Discover-E’s Forensic Collections team has a uniquely advanced set of skills to tackle collections, preservations, analysis, and consulting on multiple matters involving digital data.

Ryan Horton

Certified Forensic Analyst,

IST Discover-E Collections

Andy Jacobs

Certified Forensic Analyst,

IST Discover-E Collections

Ryan Horton has served his clients in both civil and criminal cases with a knack for quick solutions to complicated collection needs. Ryan has extensive knowledge in mobile device forensics as well as computer and cloud data collections.

Andy Jacobs has worked on civil and criminal litigation matters, across multiple platforms of digital media. Andy is constantly exploring solutions for new environments, in an ever-changing technological world.