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IST Reporting offers a range of services to support your litigation needs. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will manage your litigation needs from start to finish. In addition, IST Reporting has highly skilled court reporters and videographers nationally providing you with accurate and timely service. Here at IST Reporting, we understand that court reporting is just one part of a very large picture of the discovery process, and we will excel at making sure your litigation needs are executed flawlessly.


What We Offer:

  • Court Reporting
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Legal Videographers
  • Transcription Services
  • Remote Video Depositions
  • Online & Mobile Tools
  • Secured Online Repository
  • HIPPA Compliance

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We go to great lengths to ensure that only experienced, tech-savvy, certified court reporters and videographers represent IST Reporting.  In turn, our court reporters and videographers are treated with the utmost professionalism as they too are our trusted and respected clients.


  • We provide professional reporters and videographers that will provide you with flawless service.
  • We carefully match each reporter and videographer to the needs of your specific case.
  • We provide advanced tools such as videography, real-time reports, transcript synchronization, and video and transcript streaming.

Online & Mobile Management

Conveniently schedule, confirm or change deposition specifications online, without picking up the phone.  We will send you confirmation notifications before each deposition letting you confirm with a single click.


You can also search and download transcripts and exhibits anytime.  The IST case portal allows you to download or search for your specific documents, in the format you need.  Once you are registered, you will have full access to schedule your depositions online, search, and download your transcripts and exhibits via any computer or mobile device.

Remote Video Depositions

IST’s advanced technology applications also enable seamless remote depositions for times when you, your team and/or your clients cannot physically attend a deposition.


  • All-inclusive, secure, web-based system that works on PC and Mac.
  • Everyone involved in the deposition can avoid unnecessary travel time and expenses by participating via their webcam-equipped laptop or computer with an Internet connection.
  • High quality video experienced legal videographers.
  • Interactive video streaming that lets you remotely follow, annotate, search and export information from a court reporter’s transcript in real time.
  • Fully integrated audioconferencing using built-in VoIP.
  • Secure, non-discoverable chat tool that allows legal teams to communicate internally with group members or conduct private conversations.
  • Centralized digital exhibit repository to store and manage exhibit files allowing you to save on printing and shipping costs associated with paper exhibits and files.

“For over 20 years, IST Management  Services has provided responsive litigation support services of the highest quality by combining the best people with the most powerful technology to help our clients get more value for their services.

Combining highly skilled, certified court reporters and videographers with cutting-edge technology, IST Reporting streamlines the deposition process allowing you to focus on winning your case."

-Hal Blackman

President & CEO