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Warner Norcross + Judd LLP

 IST Records Case Study:

Warner Norcross + Judd LLP (WN+J) is a corporate law firm that was founded in 1931 and currently has 235 attorneys serving clients in eight offices throughout Michigan. Among the largest and most successful law firms in Michigan, WN+J works in virtually all areas of business law and its key practice areas include litigation, corporate law, intellectual property, labor and employment law, employee benefits law, environmental law, financial services, real estate and construction, health care and trusts and estates.

The Concerns

Although WN+J’s legacy records team was well versed in departmental procedures, the processes in place were in need of both leadership and updating. A key desire was the need to have a program that spanned both the physical and electronic records domains. WN+J was losing tens of thousands of dollars each year on remote storage and office space utilized for storing records and supplies with no end in sight. Further, the firm was preparing to relocate its’ entire operation to new offices with markedly less space for on-site file storage. The Firm decided that a leadership role for the department was needed to successfully manage both the current and future needs.

The Solution

WN+J turned to Industry Leader, IST Management Services, Inc. (IST). IST assessed the operation and installed the needed leadership and direction to best support the WN+J team. IST’s experience in records management and technology helped drive change at WN+J. By reviewing and adjusting the daily processes, IST increased efficiency with a new check-in/ out procedure. This allowed for better accountability when moving files between departments and automated the file activity recording processes throughout WN+J. There was also a change in the processing of certain regional office files, leading to increased accuracy in storage and retrieval of such files. IST further revised procedures to include a smoother destruction approval process that led to an increase in communication and compliance in records procedures. With daily processes being simplified, IST worked hand in hand with the WN+J records team to reduce the overabundance of nonessential records. IST also implemented an office supply and management process that reduced the amount of supply inventory needed and freed up additional on-site space. All this took place while WN+J received the keys to its’ new building on November 1st! Shortly thereafter, the move commenced!

The Details

The WN+J and IST partnership resulted in many tactical and process efficiencies. Highlights include:

  • Successful move to new space, all files/records accounted for!
  • Reduction of over $10k in annual file retention costs and growing!
  • Total files processed by Legal Records: 59,158 compared to 33,316 in 2018
  • Total files closed: 50,076 compared to 35,529 in 2018
  • Total boxes destroyed: 1,253 compared to 1,487 in 2018 (even with the facility move!)

From reducing stored files to creating new communications, team-IST helped lead the way to a new space and a new go-forward strategy at WN+J!

The Partnership

Since fall of 2018, IST has delivered professional management and support of the records team at Warner Norcross + Judd LLP. IST provides full service legal records and information management services in compliance with firm policies and procedures. Our partnership aims to maximize existing resources and introduce enhanced technologies and processes tailored to fit WN+J’s needs.