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Partridge Snow & Hahn LLP

 IST Discover-E Case Study:

IST provides Partridge Snow & Hahn LLP eDiscovery services such as Relativity Processing, Hosted Review, and Project Management on several cases across multiple practice groups. Recently, while on a tight deadline, Partridge Snow & Hahn’s in-house file transfer system had a critical error that made uploading impossible. It was a Friday evening, and the firm was stuck on how to get their files processed in time to review. IST’s Project Manager was available immediately and directed them to IST Discover-E’s Client Portal which allows clients to simply drag and drop hundreds of files in minutes. Soon after, the data was uploaded, processed, and available to Partridge Snow & Hahn.

IST Discover-E Portal Overview

IST’s proprietary web-based Discover-E Portal is your secure entry point to your electronic discovery case information.   The Portal is your real-time centralized interface to view and manage all of your case details while providing an electronic workflow process to streamline case management.

Matter Documents Module

The IST Discover-E Portal allows instant access to the most inclusive solution on the market. Instead of using several products to store, organize, and access your data, the IST Discover-E Portal provides all of these functions within one location. Files can be uploaded or downloaded immediately where you get one-stop access to all communication and documents regarding a matter:


  • Single Access Point for Case Information including all Log-Ins, Work Orders, Invoices, Calendar and Documentation
  • Prioritize and search your uploads instantly


Overall, the firm knew that changes needed to be made.  It was unclear how to prioritize or implement process improvements that would support the firm’s legal practice and provide quality representation to its regional and international clients.


Work Orders Module

Submitting custom requests and information has also been simplified. Within the Work Order tab, you can create a request, leave specific instructions and even designate your preferred project managers. The project manager will immediately receive a text message or email and begin the request. Once completed, the project manager will send a notification back to you informing that the request is complete and available.


Instant requests available through the IST Discover-E Portal include:


  • Create and Revise Searches
  • Organize and clean data sets
  • Load Production Sets
  • Transfer or run Productions
  • Add and edit fields
  • Establish database Structure
  • Customize Indexes/Reports
  • Issue Designations
  • Set up Batch Sets
  • Custom requests


This entire process happens in real time to provide the most convenient and efficient solution on the market.


eDiscovery doesn’t need to be a trial all on its own; with IST Discover-E Client Portal you can have instant access to case matters, work orders, and dedicated Project Managers. Joining with eDiscovery services such as Relativity Processing, Hosted Review and Project Management, the IST Discover-E Client Portal is the tool that brings everything together into a quick access solution to all your eDiscovery needs.


“The portal is a great tool. It provided a fast and easy way to transfer documents that would not transfer with any other programs I tried. I will definitely be using it going forward!”

- Jaime L. Stewart

Legal Secretary

“It is extremely valuable to be able to ascertain info at a glance, and I am glad that finally we are able to handle certain tasks quickly ourselves!”

- Litigation Paralegal/

Certified eDiscovery Specialist

National Law Firm, Orlando, FL