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 IST Office Services Case Study:

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Preceding Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP (KTS) beginning their partnership with IST, the previous vendor was providing KTS with the same services. The only difference being that the services they were providing were all done manually involving no technology. There was also a lot of Human Resource commotion from that vendor. Causing a rift in the daily operations. The processes were slow and archaic, mail was sorted with a printed phone directory, and everything was logged by hand.


With some of the larger picture issues, the vendor had 35 people for an operation that could have functioned with less. Monthly management reports were completed with Excel and created by the manager on site. There was no uniformity, and data would be tracked all day and filled in at the end of the month manually. To do this they would have to individually go through all the tickets to confirm. This report would a take a week and a half to create and finish.


There were 11 manned centers and one main mailroom, spread throughout the building making everything decentralized. Every ten minutes mail runs would go out where faxes and packages would be delivered. Leaving no one behind to handle anyone or anything that came in. These mail runs where tracked manually, on a form that the time and employee’s name would be written on to indicate the employee left for a run, and as they came back from completing it would be signed off.  This method left too much room for error, and also for falsification of records.


The Concerns

The Solution

With the beginning of the partnership between KTS and IST, IST immediately implemented IST-Suite, our one-of-a-kind, fully integrated FM Management system. Reducing one of the main time-consuming tasks of the management report. Now the time it took to create the overall information was much more accurate and accessible. IST restructured all the mail runs, reduced the staff by ten people and reworked schedules and coverage on floors to streamline the process.  Currently IST provides the following services to KTS:


  • Copy – color, B&W
  • Printing – color, B&W
  • Scanning
  • Binding - velo, comb, wire
  • Wide formatting printing - color, B&W
  • Cutting
  • Paper hole drilling
  • Foam board mounting
  • Mail – package track and receiving areas for all boxes and incoming records
  • Creates all shipping labels and boxes up any and all items
  • Coordinate courier needs using a third party courier
  • Incoming and outgoing faxing.
  • Personal bank runs taking check deposits to KTS end-users’ local banks and bringing the receipts back.
  • Hospitality - set up and breaking down conference room areas.
  • Reception backfill
  • Assist with office moves and large record box moves.


IST has also taken over all office supplies. Before IST the firm had four people coordinating the 13 different office supply areas. Once IST combined them into one location it saved KTS $100,000 the first year alone.  Twice a year IST does a supply run and picks up excess supplies from everyone’s desks. Typically saving from $1,500 to $3,000 each time.


Package tracking reporting is now all done electronically as opposed to manually, creating more critical records. IST, making everything electronic, has only elevated the Green initiative that KTS has taken on. Some processes such as copy job submission can still be done manually but electronic copy job submission is offered and recommended.  Copy Track has also been put into place to help track volume, the type of services, who requested the service and how long it took to complete.


The process of mail sorting was also updated IST’s proprietary voice-recognition systems.  One person can now sort five buckets of mail in one man-hour versus the five buckets in five man-hours it had formerly taken. Organization is a huge factor when it comes to serving a large client facility.  Now KTS has a neat and organized facility, which offers a more inviting and attractive outlook on the services and confidence IST provides.


As the partnership has flourished IST and KTS made the decision to consolidate from ten service centers to one main floor service center. This move saved the client thousands of dollars. A facilities employee was brought on staff to help with moves, inspections of the internal facility for damage or small items such as light bulb changes. They also coordinate with the building management for larger projects.


KTS has entrusted IST to use their facility for potential client tours, and also training for new Operation Managers, IT and Sales Reps. KTS continues to add more IST offices nation wide due to the cost saving measures, overall quality of services provided with a sense of urgency to the Atlanta Corporate office, the technology IST uses to track information, leadership at IST.

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