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The Goizueta Business School

at Emory University

 IST Office Services Case Study:

The Goizueta Business School at Emory University, named after the late Coca-Cola CEO Roberto C. Goizueta, bases its principles and values on its namesake’s legacy, whose story of success involved courage, integrity and accountability, among other qualities that are outlined in the school’s core values. The Atlanta-based business school offers a full-time MBA program, as well as a one-year accelerated MBA program for students focused on returning to the workforce quickly.

The Concerns

Preceding IST partnering with Goizueta Business School (GBS), all tasks were done in house by two employees who were unable to complete all the work that was put on their plate. GBS’s major concerns were breadth of service, package tracking, completion of work and finding cost savings.  Without formalized management processes in place, the native intelligence of the current staff could not adapt the services to the school’s growing needs.  Additionally, in-house printing on a large scale was not an option under their previous system.  Course packets were sent to third-party, off-site vendors at great expense to GBS and last minute changes to the documents were not permitted.

The Solution

IST began its partnership with Goizueta Business School in 1999 by installing cutting-edge IST-Suite technology in the mail room and establishing a true copy center.  This provided accountability for incoming packages, which GBS had never had before as incoming overnight packages where constantly getting lost prior to IST’s partnership with GBS.  IST also brought copy and creation of transparency’s along with course packets in-house, which presented an immediate cost savings while giving GBS end-users the flexibility to make last-minute changes to their materials.  IST now services all internal mail, interoffice mail, incoming outgoing mail, FedEx, partial management of decentralized fleet and a full centralized copy center.  IST has also utilized our partnerships to secure highly competitive pricing for fleet copy devices as well.  IST’s solution has grown to incorporate a walk-up window for GBS staff to purchase shipping and stamps as well furthering our efforts to cultivate a partnership built on great customer service.

The Partnership

The partnership between IST and Goizueta Business School is very strong and at the core of that partnership is communication between our two organizations.  There is truly an open forum where GBS and IST can comfortably and effectively combine our strengths to provide the best possible service support program for GBS end-users.  IST has brought the most advantageous combination of management processes, technology and personal attention to GBS, which is in turn trusting us to grow alongside them by adding print production systems and bringing their entire fleet of copiers under the IST contract.  As one of IST’s oldest customers, GBS is a perfect example of how obsessed we are with customer service and how we believe that great service and great people are a what we can build long-term partnerships with.