Baker Botts LLP

 IST Office Services Case Study:

Baker Botts LLP

Baker Botts LLP is a full-service, leading international law firm, recognized for understanding the industries they serve.  Baker Botts has offices around the globe. Since the 1840s, they have served leading industries, organizations and individuals, while staying at the forefront of emerging technologies.  As a result of the firm’s long history of international practice, Baker Botts has developed an extensive network of correspondent counsel at the most prestigious firms in virtually all commercial centers of the world enabling Baker Botts to provide clients with facilities and legal capabilities on a global basis.

Baker Botts’ previous outsourced service provider had been brought into the firm’s Houston offices as a cost savings measure promising to reduce headcounts and streamline processes.  While the decision makers enjoyed a healthier bottom line, Baker Botts end-users were displeased with the reduced service levels being provided as a result of the change.  Where the previous provider failed to follow through on their promise, IST knew we could succeeds.  IST displaced Pitney Bowes with the task to reconcile service levels using the same reduced headcount by integrating our proprietary technology systems and better management practices.


The Concerns

The Solution

Since IST took over high-end copy production services, hourly copy runs, supply management, and convenience copier key-op services, Baker Botts end-users quickly saw IST’s partnership as a promising step for them.  IST brought on an Operations Manager experienced in supporting law firms as our first move.  The new Operations Manager was asked to look at the program with fresh eyes and begin formulating the first steps of getting Baker Botts out of “crisis mode.”  Keeping end-user satisfaction a primary focus, the IST Operations Manager applied a ground-up approach implementing fundamental changes one-by-one in order to nurture end-user adoption. The IST Operations Manager got site processes going in the right direction by creating client-specific procedures, targeted service improvements and thoroughly training on-site support staff.  The service program has not just met Baker Botts decision-maker’s expectations, but it has excited Baker Botts end-users growing into a true partnership with service satisfaction survey scores consistently exceeding 90% across seven offices throughout the US.

From our initial investment in finding and placing the right Operations Manager for the firm to our ongoing dedication to process improvement and service satisfaction, IST has taken the necessary steps to make the partnership with Baker Botts a successful one.  Baker Botts has been so satisfied with the IST service program that they are now considering new technology options that will further automate manual process.  We have enjoyed our time with Baker Botts and, as we continue finding new ways to save the firm time and money, we look to the future as we have laid the foundations for a long-term partnership.

The Partnership


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